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27 February 2007

Junk Food Fails the Test

Life enhancing wellness tip...

This wellness tip is intended to be a primary source of
lifestyle information for you and your family.

A New York Film Director provided shockwaves at the Sundance
Film Festival. The film crew for his movie, "Super Size Me...A
Film of Epic Portions," followed Director Morgan Spurlock as he
ate only McDonald's fast food for a month. Also recording his
ballooning weight, leaping cholesterol and malfunctioning liver.

Not to be outdone, Justin, a thirteen year-old from New Zealand,
ate only sugar and junk food for two days. Then put himself
through a series of reading, typing and mathematics tests. He
then switched to chicken, rice, bread and vegetables for two
days. Then went through the same series of tests.

The results...he read 43 percent slower, typed at nearly half
his usual speed and solved math problems up to 35 percent
slower when on the junk food diet. His family also noticed
negative behavior changes while on junk food.

Watkins herbs and spices can help you bring the family back to
"home plate." Making your mealtime fun for everyone. Including
the cook! Think of mealtime as "food for thought" for your
entire family!

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