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30 December 2006

Supplements, a Healthier Lifestyle Choice!

Yes, you can make a positive difference in your health and

This health article is intended to be a primary source of
wellness information for you and your family. The more you
learn about nutrition and exercise, the more you will
recognize their importance in your chosen lifestyle.

Do you need Dietary Supplements? Scientists now know that
foods alone cannot supply you the higher levels of nutrients

Like the nutrients that enhance your mental function or mood.
Even the nutrients that offer you protection from cancer,
heart disease, birth defects, bone fractures, mental decline
and aging.

About half of American consumers now use supplements,
according to recent surveys. As astonishing and unbelievable
as this may be, more than a third of our middle class
American children and the vast majority of adults are
severely malnourished. Both groups eating for taste, cost and

A good diet is your basic foundation for better health. The
generally accepted balanced diet or mistakenly accepted
standards of RDAs are not adequate to prevent chronic

You should eat natural whole foods rich in a variety of
nutrients to maintain good health. Equally important for
optimum nutrition, these nutrients should be supplied in the
right proportions. Today more than ever supplementing your
diet is simply necessary, if you hope to experience optimum

Normal nutrition may seem adequate. Most of life on this
planet can survive with less than optimal levels of nutrition.
However when an effort is made to optimize your nutrition,
by providing more than what is just normal or adequate, your
life wil become significantly better, healthier and longer.

Scientific studies have proven that good diets with generous
nutrient intakes can help optimize your health and protect
you against serious diseases. It seems the "well balanced
diet" is at best a prescription for mediocrity! This should
be your first step toward greater nutritional awareness. Next
is the adoption of other healthy lifestyle choices.

Dietary supplements are not meant to replace your diet and no
supplement can do this. The best advice on the use of dietary
supplements is to first establish a healthful diet. Then
supplement your diet responsibly, based on your individual
personal needs and lifestyle.

Think Wellness!

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