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11 January 2006

Low-Carb Eating Plan Suggestions

Yes, you can make a positive difference in your health
and environment...

Fortunately for you that are following the Atkins plan or other
low-carbohydrate eating plans, my wellness store diversified product
line offers something for everyone. No matter what eating plan you
may be following at this time.

Here are some suggestions .....

Gourmet Herbs, Spices and Spice Rubs ... add variety and taste,
contribute no calories, carbohydrates or fat and can help you
stick to your eating plan.

Pepper, Pepper Blends and Peppercorns ... add zest and flavor.
They contain no sugar, carbohydrates or calories.

Cinnamon ... contains no sugar, carbohydrates or calories.
It can help you control your blood sugar levels, while
keeping your appetite under control.

Gourmet Extracts ... contain no sugar. With the exception of
Black Walnut, Maple, Vanilla and Vanilla Nut which contain only
very small amounts.

Grapeseed Oils and Liquid Spices ... contain no sugar or
carbohydrates. They will help you control your appetite by
reducing hunger for several hours. The added natural flavors
provide you variety. This helps you stick to your eating plan.

Jalapeño Hot Pepper Sauce ... contains no sugar or carbohydrates.

German Style, Horseradish and Jalapeno Mustards ... contain 0
or less than one gram of carbohydrate, 0 fat and only 5
calories per serving. Honey Mustard contains only 2 grams of
carbs and 10 calories per serving.

Chicken, Onion and Beef Soups ... contain less than 3 grams of
carbohydrates per serving.

Spicy Garlic Soy Sauce ... contains less than 1 gram of sugar/
carbohydrates per serving.

Reduce Plus with Carbo Control™ Blend (WMS 2) ... helps you curb
your appetite for carbohydrates. When they are consumed, it
helps you burn them up for energy. Rather than turning them
into fat.*

TheraTrim™ with Appestat™ and EGCG (WMS 1) ... helps you boost
your metabolism. Even fat-burning while controlling your

Mood Plus ... helps you increase your serotonin levels. Which
are often reduced on low-carbohydrate diets.*

Superfood Multiple ... provides vitamins and minerals often
lacking in low carbohydrate diets.

Fruit-Veggie Complex ... provides vitamins, phytonutrients from
fruits and vegetables, which are often lacking in low
carbohydrate diets.

Osteogen ... provides much needed calcium. High protein
diets increase your body’s need for calcium. A high intake
of animal protein results in increased calcium being lost
from your bones.

You are cordially invited to visit my wellness store to learn
more about these natural beneficial solutions. I welcome your
feedback, questions or kudos.

Wellness is My Profession - Solutions is My Business

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure or prevent any disease.

Click to visit My Health Store


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my english is very bad so it is difficult for me to write ant to understanding your blog! sorry!!

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