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14 April 2006

Gold Medal Gourmet Essentials Gift Tray

If your looking for a gift of quality that requires no work
on your part...

Make every gift giving occasion extra special with a beautiful
gift tray filled with Watkins quality products! Watkins has
products to enhance the lives of everyone on your list and for
every occasion. From gourmet foods to traditional and cutting
edge health and personal care products.

Gold Medal Gourmet Essentials Gift Tray
This tray consists of......

Original Double-Strength Vanilla(325ml/11fl oz)
Granulated Black Pepper
Original Grapeseed Oil
Garlic Liquid Spice
Honey Mustard
Sea Salt

Enjoy gift shopping the Watkins Way!

You are cordially invited to visit my wellness store to learn
more about other stylish, attractively packaged gift trays. I
welcome your feedback, questions or kudos.

Wellness is My Profession - Solutions is My Business

Click to visit My Health Store


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