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20 January 2007

Purchasing Supplements

This health article is intended to be a primary source of
wellness information for you and your family. The more you
learn about nutrition and exercise, the more you will
recognize their importance in your chosen lifestyle.

Yes, you can make a positive difference in your health and

Are you getting the bargain you think you are? You may not be
getting the bargain you think you are. Experts say too often
you may be buying far more good health than you really need.

The reason being, that a tablet or capsule can only hold so
much. When a multi-vitamin supplement contains an
overabundance of nutrients, many different minerals and is
packed with herbs along with vitamins is it really a bargin?

The greater the number of different ingredients in a single
tablet or capsule, the less of each individual ingredient you
can have. This could make the tablet or capsule hardly worth
taking sometimes because it contains so little of each

This can hurt you in other ways. You may think you're getting
more protection than you really are. This can be especially
true for women when the mineral is calcium.

You can't fit all of a women's calcium needs into one multi-
vitamin supplement. For women calcium should always be taken
as a separate supplement. Particularly to women, buying a
multi-vitamin supplement that boasts a complete nutrient
package can be misleading.

Can excessive nutrient levels cause health problems? The fact
is something as natural and healthy as a supplement can make
you feel sick. Your reaction to a specific supplement could
be caused by the way the supplement is manufactured or even
the source of the nutrients themselves.

Your reaction to a supplement may result in everything from
dizziness to headaches. Also fatigue, hives or other allergic
type reactions. Switch brands if a supplement you take doesn't
agree with you. You might be surprised to see a real
difference in how your body reacts.

Many experts say when it comes to choosing a brand of
supplements name recognition counts. The bigger more
experienced companies are more likely to give you a higher
quality product. Also important is seeking a supplement with
no sugars, starches, binders or fillers of any kind.

Think Wellness!

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