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07 January 2007

Supplements and Your Bloodstream

Yes, you can make a positive difference in your health and

This health article is intended to be a primary source of
wellness information for you and your family. The more you
learn about nutrition and exercise, the more you will
recognize their importance in your chosen lifestyle.

Making certain your supplements are getting into your
bloodstream should be your goal. If you x-ray someone's
stomach, you can often see dark shadows indicating
undissolved supplements that were consumed many hours before.
These undissolved supplements often carry the equivalent of a
bullet proof vest in the form of a hard shell coating.

To help ensure that your supplements do dissolve quickly and
completely, look for products that carry the "U.S.P Approved"
(U.S. Pharmacopeia) seal on the label. This seal means your
supplements were tested by a government agency and found to
dissolve in a minimum amount of time.

U.S.P. approval is a voluntary action and not all companies
do it or comply with the agency's recommendations. There are
also companies that don't seek U.S.P. approval who make
supplements with a high dissolution rate.

All you need is vinegar and water to check your supplement
dissolution rate. Simply mix equal parts of water and vinegar
in a glass container. Next, drop in your supplement and check
it after 40 minutes. Your supplement should be well on the
way to being dissolved. If it's not, it's probably going to
pass through your body undigested.

Finally, always check the expiration date before buying a
supplement. If you don't find one, don't buy the product. If
you do find one, you should be able to finish the bottle
before the expiration date.

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