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17 December 2005

Vitamins and Herbs ... Since 1920

Keeping your body healthy inside...

Have you ever noticed that you or your family members tend to
get sick when you're stressed out or worn down? Watkins has a
great line of dietary supplements that helps you increase your
energy, reduce your stress, enhance your immunity and keep you
up and running at your peak.

Watkins has been in the business for over 100 years, their Root
and Herb Tea debuted in 1899 and in 1922 their Herb Tablets
promised "all the effectiveness of old-fashioned herb tea in
tablet form."

In those days, herb supplements essentially were used for
cleansing, purification and digestive concerns. True vitamin
supplements were first introduced in the 1940s and Watkins was
on the forefront of that movement as well.

Dietary supplements, especially herbal supplements, represent
an enormous business today. Never before has there been such a
proliferation of herbal remedies for a variety of conditions.

Supplements for All Lifestyles .....

*- Today Watkins offer the most well designed dietary
supplement system on the market. That let's you customize your
nutritional regimen to your own unique and personal needs.

*- This dietary supplement system includes cutting edge blends
of vitamins, minerals and herbs designed for all around health,
even cleansing, purification and digestion. Some things just
never change.

You are cordially invited to visit my wellness store to learn
more about these natural popular solutions. I welcome your
feedback, questions or kudos.

Wellness is My Profession - Solutions is My Business

Click to visit My Health Store


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