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09 December 2006

An Obesity Overview

Yes, you can make a positive difference in your health and

This health article is intended to be a primary source of
wellness information for you and your family. The more you
learn about nutrition and exercise, the more you will
recognize their importance in your chosen lifestyle.

In the United States the prevalence of obesity(a condition
characterized by excessive bodily fat) has doubled in the
past two decades.

Nearly one third of adults are obese. That is, they have a
body mass index(BMI) of 30 or greater. This has become one of
the fastest growing segments of our population. With a BMI
greater than 30 you have accompanying comorbidities.

The prevalence of overweight among our children and
adolescents has increased substantially over the last two
decades. It is estimated that as many as 16 percent of our
children and adolescents are overweight. This represents a
doubling of the rate among children and a tripling of the
rate among adolescents.

Excess body fat leads to a higher risk for premature death,
type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular
disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, respiratory
dysfunction, gout, osteoarthritis and certain kinds of
cancers. Thus this high prevalence of overweight and obesity
has become a great public health concern.

The goal for overweight children and adolescents, should be
to slow your rate of weight gain while achieving normal
growth and development. Even modest weight loss of 10
pounds has health benefits and the prevention of further
weight gain becomes very important. Ideally, the goal for
adults is to achieve and maintain a body weight that
optimizes their health.

Maintaining a healthy weight throughout childhood may reduce
the risk of you becoming an overweight or obese adult. The
keys to controlling your body weight are, eating fewer
calories while increasing your physical activity.

Overweight and obesity are currently significant public
health issues. If your at a healthy weight you should strive
to maintain your weight and if you are underweight you may
need to increase your weight.

Not all Americans need to lose weight!

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