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27 February 2007

Is It Time For An Oil Change?

Natural-Based wellness solution for your pantry...

Grapeseed oil's light neutral flavor won't mask or clash with
other foods, allowing foods' natural flavors to come through.

Grapeseed Oil is lower in saturated fat and higher in
unsaturated fats than nearly all other oils. It's also one of
the only foods that has been shown to not only lower your LDL
(bad) cholesterol, but also increase your HDL(good) cholesterol,
giving it a distinct advantage over other oils.

Grapeseed oil contains a high level of antioxidants, including
vitamin E, which makes it not only healthy, but very stable. It
does not need to be refrigerated, but if chilled it will not
cloud up like olive oil. Its high smoke point makes it perfect
for grilling or sauteing.

Product Benefits...

*- Has only half the saturated fat of olive oil, the lowest of
all oils except canola.

*- Unlike canola oil, grapeseed oil has a wonderful, light

*- Unlike olive oil, its light neutral flavor won't clash with
certain foods.

*- Excellent for sauteing and stir-frying, for salad dressings
and marinades, anywhere you would use cooking oil.

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