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27 February 2007

The Vanilla Experts Since 1895!

Make everything you eat and drink taste better...

It's recognized as the name in vanilla by hundreds of thousands
of loyal customers who refuse to use anything but Watkins
vanilla. It's so good, it won the Gold Medal for Highest
Quality at the 1928 International Exposition in Paris.

Start with the finest premium grade Madagascar Bourbon vanilla
beans available and add over a century of experience in making
vanilla and the result is hands down the very best vanilla on
this planet.

Their award winning Original Double-Strength Vanilla is based
on the same quality that goes into their exquisite Pure Vanilla,
then it is fortified for bake proof, freeze proof and extra
strength flavor.

Double Strength Imitation White Vanilla Flavor has those same
properties, but because its expert formulation allows us to
achieve a rich flavor without the dark color of vanilla, it won't
darken your white baked goods.

Having produced the world's finest vanilla for over 100 years,
Watkins knows quality.

Product Benefits...

*- Madagascar Gold Coast Bourbon Vanilla Beans, The finest in
the world.

*- Bake-proof and Freeze-Proof so your baked goods don't lose
flavor at high or low temperatures.

*- Double-strength for more flavor and aroma.

*- Less alcohol( 8% in Watkins Original Double-Strength Vanilla
vs 35% in pure vanilla extract).

*- Certified Kosher.

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