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27 February 2007

Top Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Save time and money with these natural-based staples...

Whether you like to garden, bake, entertain, pamper yourself or
just try something unique, no matter what your taste and
preferences are, there is a product that will delight both the
traditionalist and the trendsetter.

You will save time and money, spend 5 minutes each month
placing your order and your order is delivered to your door
simply and quickly. This no-hassle shopping means never having
to wait in a checkout line for Watkins products. Its that easy!

"My Wellness Store" has four aisles of popular natural-based
staples, featuring gourmet foods, remedies & supplements,
personal and home care products, backed by more than 139 years
of experience and integrity. Sure to fit your current budget
with no new money!

People have been depending on Watkins higher quantity and
quality natural based wellness solutions Since 1868. Why not
join thousands of other families who have made the decision to
integrate Watkins wellness solutions as an alternative to
improve their health and the environment in a positive way!

Think Wellness!

To learn more about natural based complementary and
alternative products that enhance your lifestyle goals, you
are cordially invited to visit... "My Wellness Store"

Wellness is My Profession ... Solutions is My Business

Click to visit My Health Store


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