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21 October 2007

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wellness solutions for those who may experience this symptom,
based on research and personal experiences...

This article contains information on this common ailment and
suggestions, for those who may experience symptoms, based on
research and personal experiences. This information is for
educational purposes only and does not constitute claims made
for any product or a diagnosis for any ailment.

Stress injury due to prolonged, repeated movements of the hands
or fingers. Overuse or repetitive movements of the hands on the
job or during leisure activities can inflame tendons or
ligaments, causing them to swell and compress the median nerve.

What May Help: Watkins Linimax™
Contains glucosamine to help ease discomfort and swelling, and
turmeric from curcumin, which may help to ease symptoms
associated with inflammation.

What May Help: Watkins Fruit/Veggie Complex(Watkins Harvest)
Contains bromelain from pineapple, a powerful enzyme that may
help to ease symptoms associated with inflammation.

What May Help: Watkins Superfood Multiple(Super Multi)

Contains vitamin B-6 which may reduce susceptibility to
numbness and pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

These are personal testimonials. Individual results may vary.
Consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.

I had arthritis in my hands for years and was eventually
diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, as well. I had to wear a
brace for the carpal tunnel and was taking 10 ibuprofen every
day just to manage the pain. I started taking Watkins Linimax™,
and within 2 weeks I noticed a difference. With daily use of
Linimax, I am now pain free and no longer need to take any
ibuprofen or pain relievers. Watkins has definitely changed my
—Barb Birch, Minnesota

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is provided for educational purposes only. No claims are being
made for any product.

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