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02 February 2008

Muscle Aches

Wellness solutions for those who may experience this symptom,
based on research and personal experiences...

This article contains information on this common ailment and
suggestions, for those who may experience symptoms, based on
research and personal experiences. This information is for
educational purposes only and does not constitute claims made
for any product or a diagnosis for any ailment.

Physical stress to the muscles and other tissues.

What May Help: Watkins Liniment
Provides relief from the discomfort of minor muscle pain,
soreness, stiffness and backaches. Just pat on for soothing

What May Help: Watkins White Cream Liniment
Reduces muscular discomfort due to overexertion, fatigue and
strains, provides temporary relief for minor aches and pains
associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises,
sprains and stiffness.

What May Help: Watkins Analgesic Balm
A great muscle warm-up. Formulated to provide quick, temporary
relief from minor arthritic and rheumatic aches.

What May Help: Watkins Icy Blue Ointment
It's like putting your pain on ice! Provides quick, cooling
temporary relief for muscle aches, minor arthritis pain and
simple backache.

What May Help: Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment(Medicated
Provides temporary relief from muscular soreness.

What May Help: Watkins Liniment Pain Relief Spray(US)
Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains of muscles and
joints associated with backaches, strains, bruises, sprains,
arthritic or rheumatic pain and pain of tendons, ligaments and
tired, aching muscles.

What May Help:Watkins Linimax™ and Superfood Multiple(Super
Contain ingredients that help to reduce pain-producing

These are personal testimonials. Individual results may vary.
Consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.

"I'm writing this letter to praise your product, White Cream
Liniment. Several weeks ago my friend gave me some of your
White Cream Liniment because I was having so much pain in my
right knee up to my right hip. I used it and for the first
time in a long time, I was able to sleep through the night.
Since then I have recommended it to numerous people who are now
grateful for the relief it brings. I gave it to a friend who
hadn't slept for two weeks because of her pain and after using
your Liniment she slept all night."
—Ruby Fitzpatrick, Illinois

"At a fair recently, a woman was walking past my booth in great
pain. I told her to put the White Cream Liniment on her legs to
see if it would help. She was in so much pain that I had to
help her put it on. She was so excited that the pain was gone,
that she bought nine bottles and her friend bought four on the
—Kathryn Knopf, Michigan

"When I am on my feet all day, my feet and ankles often throb
with pain and it is difficult to go to sleep. Now, after a long
day on my feet, I rub Watkins White Cream Liniment on my ankles
and feet. Within 10 to 20 minutes I am asleep and the pain is
—Connie Hogg, Colorado

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