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10 January 2008

Gum Conditions

Wellness solutions for those who may experience this symptom,
based on research and personal experiences...

This article contains information on this common ailment and
suggestions, for those who may experience symptoms, based on
research and personal experiences. This information is for
educational purposes only and does not constitute claims made
for any product or a diagnosis for any ailment.

Inadequate brushing and flossing lead to plaque buildup,
causing the gums to become inflamed, swollen and to bleed
easily. Plaque, a soft, sticky film primarily made up of
bacteria, will harden after 72 hours into tartar, which can't
be removed by brushing or flossing. This is why the best
defense against gum disease is brushing and flossing after
meals, as well as professional cleaning by a dental hygienist.
Vitamin C and niacin deficiencies can also result in gum
disease, or gingivitis. If ignored, a more serious form of gum
disease, called periodontitis occurs, which can lead to severe
infection and tooth loss.

What May Help: Watkins Aloe Vera Juice and Gel Capsules
New reports published in General Dentistryshow that aloe vera
juice or gel can be beneficial for oral health(see below).

What May Help: Watkins Peppermint Whitening Anticavity Toothpaste
Helps to protect from cavities and high-foaming formula helps
clean between teeth.

What May Help: Watkins E+CoQ10
A periodontal specialist discovered that people with gum
disease had low levels of CoQ10. When patients were given CoQ10
supplements, the gum condition was reversed.

What May Help: Watkins Superfood Multiple(Super Multi)
Contains vitamin C and flavonoids which strengthen connective
tissue in the gums.

What May Help: Watkins TheraTea and Chai
Green and Black teas have been shown to reduce plaque formation
and tooth decay. If you can't brush or floss after a meal,
consume tea.

Helpful Hint...
Bacteria in the mouth not only leads to tooth decay, gum
disease and bad breath, but the bacteria travels through the
body, causing infection. The infection, in turn, causes an
inflammatory response that may trigger heart attacks, strokes
and pre-term births.

*-Aloe Vera...New Remedy for Oral Health Problems-*

New reports published in the January/February issue of General
Dentistryshow that the aloe vera plant, used to heal skin for
more than 2,000 years, can also treat many oral health problems,
including canker sores, cold sores, herpes simplex type 1 virus,
lichen planus, and gum disease such as gingivitis. Researchers
suggest that aloe vera accelerates healing and reduces pain
associated with canker sores and blisters on the lips and mouth
and could be a very inexpensive alternative remedy. Author
Richard L.Wynn discusses a study done on a patient with lichen
planus, a disease affecting the skin and oral mucus membranes.
The patient drank 2 ounces of aloe vera juice daily and
topically applied aloe vera to the lips. The oral lesions
cleared up in four weeks and complete success was achieved. Dr.
Wynn cited the study as showing that oral health problems can
be treated with aloe vera. "Aloe Vera can be taken both as the
aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel. These are the two modes of
delivery recognized by the FDA," said Dr.Wynn.

Watkins Aloe Vera Juice is 99.7% pure, cold-processed and
stabilized, and Watkins Aloe Vera Gel Capsules contain
concentrate equal to one teaspoon of pure gel. The recommended
use is 2 to 6 ounces of juice or one gel capsule per day. For
the greatest benefits, drink at least 2 ounces of Watkins Aloe
Vera Juice daily and when symptoms appear, place a clean,
sterile pin through the end of the gel capsule or cut open a
gel capsule with clean, sterile scissors or a knife, and
squeeze the aloe onto the sore to speed healing.

Consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.

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