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01 November 2007

Digestive/Intestinal Concerns

Wellness solutions for those who may experience this symptom,
based on research and personal experiences...

This article contains information on this common ailment and
suggestions, for those who may experience symptoms, based on
research and personal experiences. This information is for
educational purposes only and does not constitute claims made
for any product or a diagnosis for any ailment.

There are many intestinal disorders with various causes.
Suspected causes include bacterial, viral or parasitic
infection, overuse of antibiotics, lactose intolerance and
adverse reactions to foods.

What May Help: Watkins Aloe Vera Juice or Gel Capsules
Studies have shown it to be effective in promoting a healthy
digestive tract and stimulating bowel function.

What May Help: Watkins Inner Cleanse/Restore(Internal Spa)
Helps to speed removal of toxins.

What May Help: Watkins Rezist Plus
Helps to block invasion of harmful invaders, suspected to be
the cause of symptoms. Contain pre and probiotics and other
ingredients that promote intestinal health. Also helps to
reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance and helps to maintain
healthy intestinal flora, destroyed by antibiotics.

What May Help: Watkins Fruit/Veggie Complex(Watkins Harvest)
Provides fiber and enzymes important for healthy digestion and
bowel function.

What May Help: Watkins Peptic Pre-Meal(Pre-Meal Plus)
Provides natural enzymes that aid in the digestive process.

What May Help: Watkins Superfood Multiple(Super Multi)

Contains concentrates of green foods and global grains along
with vitamin C and magnesium which have gentle laxative

These are personal testimonials. Individual results may vary.
Consult your physician before taking any dietary supplements.

"When I began using Watkins dietary supplements, I started with
Watkins Inner Cleanse/Restore. I had worked around a lot of
chemicals, so it was really important for me to cleanse my
system and it really made a difference for me. This is really
powerful...I could really feel it working."
—Lois Shuck, Kansas

"I have a very sensitive colon and have tolerated daily pain.
When I started taking Watkins Fruit/Veggie Complex, I noticed
that my stomach was not cramping as usual. If I stop taking it,
the pain comes back."
—Kathryn Knopf, Michigan

"My husband had been suffering from stomach problems for three
years…he tried every brand of antacid and all of the new acid-
blocking drugs. Four different doctors prescribed even stronger
drugs—nothing worked. When I saw Watkins Peptic Pre-Meal, I
figured Dave should try it. It's all natural; it's got to be
better than all these chemicals. It helped within a week and
he hasn't had one episode of indigestion since. It's
unbelievable...this product is wonderful!"
—Violet Harris, New York

"I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia in my 20's and had tried
several things, but nothing worked for me. I started taking
Watkins Peptic Pre-Meal and it helped immensely. When Watkins
introduced Rezist Plus with pre and probiotics, I tried that
as well, because I had been reading about the benefits of pre
and probiotics. I have to say that I have been pain-free since
I started using Watkins Rezist Plus."
—Linda Hunter, West Virginia

"I had terrible problems with ulcers and after I started
taking Watkins Peptic Pre-Meal(Pre-Meal Plus) I was able to
get off of prescription medication that I had been taking for
my ulcers. It has made a huge difference in my life."
—Pete Redekop, Manitoba

"Many nights I would wake up with very bad heartburn. I tried
everything I could think of, but nothing helped. The first time
I used Watkins Peptic Pre-Meal, I slept through the night and
have not experienced symptoms since.'
—Greg Ellis, California

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug
Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease. In Canada, this information
is provided for educational purposes only. No claims are being
made for any product.

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